Founder Julio Horvath created the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in order to provide a workout that emphasizes several parts of the body moving simultaneously. This method is fast gaining attention worldwide because of its unique and revolutionary approach to movement. By enhancing a rotating movement pattern of the joints, your GYROTONIC® workout will provide you with a greater awareness of your movement as you increase your overall flexibility, strength and coordination.

Your workout will progress through a series of exercises on specifically designed equipment that can be customized to your body, goals and capabilities. Unique to this method of exercise is the exercise equipment that has been designed and built around the human body and which places an emphasis on mobilization of the spine in order to develop core strength and sustain it through everyday life and all of its activities.

The conditioning that your body and mind receive from your GYROTONIC® workout allows for greater coordination, stronger limbs and torso and provides an opportunity for your body to develop these essentials which are so vital for overall well being and longevity through optimal movement and range of motion.

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