GYROTONIC® Toronto by Crispin specializes in rehabilitation from injury or surgery and relief from chronic and acute pain. Crispin works regularly with physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors -- who refer their clients to GYROTONIC® Toronto by Crispin because they have seen the benefits of GYROTONIC® for rehabilitation.

Whether tight or torn muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joint weakness, or inflexibility are the root of your problem, we can help you understand the origin of your problem and provide pain relief. We offer a series of therapeutic exercises that are specifically designed to treat your individual issues. Sessions are private or semi-private, to provide you with the attention that you need to fully recover.

"As a massage therapist, there are numerous physical stresses put on my body daily. Gyrotonic Training had alleviated these stresses and strengthened my body to continue to work at an optimal, pain free, level daily."

Anne Marie Di Caro R.M.T.

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